The Soda Water Swimming Pool is located in  Bura, Catarman Camiguin, 30 minutes away from Mabajao, is the first and only one in the Philippines, The pool is developed in 2007 as additional tourist destination in the island.

IMG_0939The name SODA is an intriguing word, you really guest what really it taste, because according to the locals the water is taste like soda, and soda water is good for the health.


There are faucets at the back of the fool, that is used for drinking. Tasting the water is an answer for the curiosity.


There is a taste of a very little sour and salty, far from soda water in the market where it was manufactured by passing pressurized carbon dioxide through water. The pressure increases the solubility and allows more carbon dioxide to dissolve through atmospheric pressure, so when the Soda bottle opened the pressure released allowing the gas or well know as spirit to come out of the solution, forming the characteristic bubbles. Some appreciate the taste, because its refreshing, maybe some may afraid to try it, especially those who used distilled (known as mineral) water in their own houses. Lucky are those who taste it!!! LOL


Whatever the taste, the fresh, clear water coming from the sandy and rocky bottom of the pool is really refreshing. Cottages, picnic huts and tables are available.


Entrance : PHP 20.00
Cottages : PHP 50.00
Open : 8:oo AM – 6:00 PM


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