A Sight of Excitement

IMG_0498The Sunken Cemetery play a significant role in the history of Camiguin island,  and  believed as one of the best tourist destination in the island.   The sight is not enough, to come closer and  the feeling of being there is a great excitement.

IMG_0915In the history of Camiguin, the old volcano, well known as Old Vulcan erupted 4 times. First was during the year 1827, then year 1862, third is in the year 1871, where hundreds of their people killed and swept all the Spanish settlement in  the area, including the original cemetery, that sunk 20-25 feet under water. Year 1948 Old Vulcan erupted again, sinking the whole area more deeper.

DSC00387The provincial government of Camiguin installed a white cross marker in 1982. The marker  become at  tourist spot.

IMG_0522The cemetery is around 20-30 meters away from shore lines of Barrio Bonbon, and about 16 kilometers in Catarman town proper.

DSC00435The site is become interesting diving site, and best for snorkeling.

DSC00398There are some relics of the grave but most of them are covered by corals.

DSC00446Corals and other marine life   are not enormous in the  area, but it makes the visit complete.




 The entrance is free, boat is PHP 100.00 or about PHP 20.00 per pax.


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