A Modern Day Ruins


The ruins are the remaining pieces of human-made architecture, structures that was destroyed, due to some reasons, like lack of maintenance, deliberate act of destruction, natural disaster, war. weathering and scavenging.

Modern Ruins is an architectural structures constructed generally in the most recent past or century or since 19th century. The modern ruins are also alluring in the same way as the ancient ruins. This gives a fascinating sight to many visitors, and find out what are the stories behind it and what it was before.


The ruins (Mansion of Don Mariano Lesesma Lacson) is located at Hacienda Sta. Maria, Talisay, Negros Occidental.


The wealthy sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948) built the mansion in 1900’s .  The mansion was the largest residential structure in the place during that time, it was built in the middle of a 440 hectare sugar plantation.


The structure is is inspired by Italianate Architecture with a touch of Neo-Romanesque columns, similar to the facade  of Carnegie hall in New York City.

Don.Mariano entrusted the design and specification of the 903 square meter structure to a local builder Engineer Puentevella, under the supervision of his son Felipe,  assuring  that only first class of concrete mixtures  will be used. The concrete walls and and posts were made with the mixtures of cements and egg whites, the vertical structure that used as support  used a thick metal, used in building railways. The mansion finished excellently. The family treasured the mansion, and their children can stay and live in the mansion for as long they are unmarried.


During the Japanese occupation in the country, the Mariano’s  hired a gardener to maintain the garden, unfortunately the gardener disappeared before the  world war II broke out. and they found out that the gardener is an informant of the Japanese Military. The USAFFE (United State Arm Forces in the Far East burned the mansion to prevent Japanese Forces to used it as headquarters


Getting inside


The new tables used in the mini cafe and restaurant  inside the ruins.


Family pictures.


Top of the mansion



Overlooking  the garden and the fountain.


 The souvenir area and  playground.


The Ruins is listed in www.oddee.com as one of the 12 Most Fascinating Ruins of the World (strange and bizarre things in the world)

 Zest Air travel magazine feature and call the Ruins as TAj Mahal of the Negros.

 The ruins opened to public since january 2008. Open from 8:30am to 8 :00 pm daily, best time to visit is in the afternoon before the sunset, it was so beautiful where the color of the structure dramatically change from white to gray, to orange to pink   because of the egg whites mixtures added to the cements,

In so many years the Ruins stands strong against earthquake and typhoon, it continues to attract both local and foreign tourist and become  one of the favorites venues for special events, like parties, pre-nups, wedding, conference and photo shoot.  There are also some staff as guide to explain the all about the mansion, from the beginning to the end.


For inquiries call (034)476-4334 and or +63917-832-6003

Email: lacson_mansion@yahoo.com.ph

 Entrance Fee

Adult Php.- 95.00
Students and Senior Citizen – Php.40.00
Children below 8 years old – Php. 20.00


How to get there?

By Own Car

From Bata known as Bangga (Pepsi Bottling Plant) in town proper of Bacolod City, turn east and follow the sign going to ruins. About few meters there’s a cell site  on the top of the two story building. Opposite the building there is a sign saying ‘ THIS WAY TO THE RUINS’ then just follow the sign that leads you to a narrow street (Rose Lawn Memorial Garden) then turn right to the main road of Goldcrest and Octagon Villages. Negotiating skills is required when dealing with the drivers.


By Public Vehicles

From  Silay City proper take a jeep going to Talisay City for 10-15 minutes, then hire a tricycle going to ruins. Or just taxi a taxi from the Bacolod City or from Silay Airport  for about 30 – 45 minutes ride.


 You can also ask direction from the locals, but the local pronounce the RUINS as “RO-WHENS”   



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