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Bonpen 604

Peace finally comes to Bondoc Peninsula.  Once a hotpots of insurgency  in the province of Quezon,  a new day rises to ceased the armed conflict that affected mostly the poor people.

The farthest reaches of Quezon Province, separated by peninsula, called Bondoc Peninsula or Bonpen is consist of 12 municipalities, where 4 of which are not explored by many travelers. The 4 municipalities that hold a promises to be a tourist destination are San Andres, San Narciso, San Francisco and Mulanay.


 Tigbi Falls, commonly known as Banaba Falls is located in Barangay Mabunga, San Francisco (formerly Aurora) Quezon.

Bonpen 639

The water falls is recommended to visit  from Alibijaban Island in San Andres,

From San Andres nor San Francisco, there’s no regular trip going to the place, instead you ride a single motorcycle (habal habal) from both municipalities, but the nearest and easiest is from San Andres. If you ride the habal habal, the distance of 1.2 kilometers for trekking decreases, habal habal can enter  till the first river crossing.

Bonpen 583

Trekking was simply easy and fun, along the shades of green, gentle and calm stream.

Bonpen 584

 The refreshing scenery is rewarding.

Bonpen 586

Around 30 minutes of trekking, we saw a small waterfalls, we become enthusiastic and eager and expect a lot for what the locals said, “its beautiful” , ” ” the stream of water was picturesque and beautiful”., just beautiful,. Where is it?

Bonpen 590

Another small waterfall on the far left of the trail.

We are not aware that we are on top of the main waterfalls. The place we are standing is the area where water are compiled and it fall together to create a big waterfalls.

Bonpen 593

Edge of water falls from the top.


To view the awesome waterfalls, you need to get down from here.


There is  a little fear to go for it, not for us but for the gadget we are carrying like the cameras  that one slip might get it wet.



After the rappel we found out that the steep trail is safe and manageable.

Bonpen 634

After getting off from the steep trail, you can see the water falls in a better view.

The water falls is consisting  different section, resemble a umbrella like, falling downward in a different angle  gives different view of the waterfalls

Bonpen 609

One of the best payoff from the exhausted travel is the beautiful scenery you get to visit. The untouched place is quite a sight to see.

Bonpen 617

 There are many spectacular waterfalls around the country, but Tigbi falls is another one of a kind.

The kind of our camera might not give justice to the view, but the experience  is much  appreciated.

Bonpen 629

Bonpen 627

From the view point, Tigbi Falls is certainly a beautiful spot to explore. The place of silence when it blends to the sounds of falling water gives a beautiful rhythm.

Bonpen 607

After being serenaded by the waterfall,  it was time to leave.

There is  no record about Tigbi Falls,  the height, the measurement, but this maybe not important factor as long to discover and share it to fellow nature lovers is enough for the meantime.



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Bonpen 443

How to get there?


From San Andres

Take a habal habal in the town proper. Habal habal are scattered in any street of the town.  Fare Php.150.00 one person per habal habal, the driver serve as the guide.

Manila to San Andres.

Superlines Transport  have 3 daily direct trip to San Andres 4:30 AM, 2:30 PM, and 5:30 PM. Schedule may change without notice. For some inquiries you may call 02-414-3119/02-4143321 and 09225225192. Fare Php.470.00

Manila to Lucena

There are some  Bus lines from Cubao (EDSA-Kamuning-Kamias)  to Lucena (Grand Terminal)  like JAC Liner, Lucena Lines and DLTB, Tritran.  Fare around Php. 220.00

Lucena to San Andres

Barney Auto Lines  from Alabang terminal is passing the Lucena Grand Terminal to take passenger going to San Andres. Last trip is 12:00 midnight, then follow the next  trip at 2:00 AM. Four to five hours travel. Fare Php.216.00 . There are groups of Van operator in Lucena bound to San Andres. Van Terminal in Pacific Mall 0910-5863023, the schedule are 11:00AM, 1:00PM and last trip is 3:00 PM. There are also van terminal in SM Lucena,  Van Fare is Php. 270.00 higher compare with the bus. The advantage of the van, it travel faster and non stop going to San Andres, while the bus is stationary.