A Natural Rock Arch Formation


A natural arch, natural bridge or less commonly, a rock arc is a natural rock formation where rock arch forms, with an opening underneath. Most natural arches form as a narrow bridge, some natural bridges may look like arches.


The rock formation is commonly known as  Ungab Rock Formation, because it is located in Sitio Ungab, eastern side of barangay island, Mongpong, in Sta. Cruz, Marinduque.  The rock formation called by the locals as “Balogbog Baboy”


The scenic natural arch is about 100 feet above sea water.


Worth to mentioned the unusual beauty and exquisite fragility,  the crystal clear water added to the place look more stunning. At the back of the rock formation is a cave, that added attraction in the area.

 The area of Ungab is the best diving site of the province of Marinduque.





There are some  small rock formations along the shore, unfortunately they are messy, garbage’s left by irresponsible tourist and visitors. The garbage’s  are nasty to others eyes. Some locals are also complaining, but they are helpless. The area is private property, there is Php. 50.00 collected to every boat landed in the beach, but cleaning are just made, mostly  every summer. Visitors are come and go, as a part of island hoping from Maniwaya.

The local barangays and the owner, should agree and impose or implement some rules and regulations to all visitors,  entering the premises of the island.  The locals should compensate in any form to  to made the locals be diligent in cleaning and improving the place,


 To prevent disappointment, we just face again the rock formation, and appreciate it as a work nature.



Since gadget for swimming and snorkeling are not available, rock climbing is an alternative to get enjoyed.


As experienced, the Ungab rock formation can be a rock climber paradise, with a copious handholds, with the rock climbing professionals, rock climbing is a possible recreational experience in the area, along with acceptable safety and services.


 The arch rock formation is formed without specific process of formation. It was created by the hand of time, with the weathering action of winds and water, Time come, the same forces that built this natural wonders will someday collapsed at any time without warning……

The Place (Barangay Ungab)



Sitio Ungab and the barangay island Mongpong is a fishing island of Sta Cruz, Marinduque, where people choose to live in a simple life.

Visitors can just pitch tents anywhere in the island, for free.

How to get to Ungab Rock Formation?

 Ungab Rock Formation is commonly part of island hoping from Maniwaya island, where Palad sand bars is also one of the highlight.

From Sitio Bayanan or port of Mongpong island, there are single motorcycles for rent, including the driver, that serves as guide. Single motorcycle rates is “BAHALA NA PO KAYA”  we pay Php. 100.oo as it was up to me, but we give some tips, and upon looking with their face, there are happy.

For other details about the island Mongpong, click HERE





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