Formerly Montalban Rizal


Sitio Wawa has become popular  not just because it is closed to the towns and cities of Metro Manila, but the various activities and stunning views around the area that made it as one of the favorite destination.  It was also considered as adventure paradise for adventure seekers, like mountaineers, bikers, rock climbers, spelunkers, runners  and other outdoor activities and or for those that loves sight seeing,   This is also a destination for some religious groups or individuals making their devotion in Pamintinan Cave and Estampang Bato at Sitio Casili, they have offerings like foods and prayers which they also light candles inside the cave every Lenten season.


The prominent land mark of Sitio Wawa is the Wawa dam(formerly Montalban dam), that easily recognized from a distance.

The falling of water from above and the native cottages below provides great views, it gives  delightful feeling to rejoice in the water.

During summer cottages are build at the foot of the dam. During rainy days, they remove the cottages because of the heavy impact of water.


The dam was constructed in 1909 during the American colonial era. It serves as the only water source for greater Manila, during that time, until its closures due to deterioration and lacking of enough water to supply.


The Sitio Wawa also become interesting place not only in history and beautiful natural attraction, it is also known in Legendary Mountains of the Giant Bernardo Carpio, which according to the folkloric story by using his bare hands he able to stop the collision of this  two mountains from crushing the village along the river bank, then   the mountain are called Mount Pamintinan(left) and Mount Binacayan(right)

IMG_6992Another interesting sights are the boulders of rocks along the river banks



There are also many native cottages in the upper part of the dam as a hangout of some picnickers and other adventure seekers.

There  are  some mini store and food stall that sell different kinds of foods, provided that you are not delicate and meticulous person.


The water may not so  clean because of the residential area along the river bank. During summer the color of water is murky green and during rainy days, especially heavy rain is color brown.

The river also serves as a way to bring their local goods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and other commodities going to the nearby towns and cities.

There are three mountains within the area of Wawa dam, the Mount Pamintinan, Mount Binacayan and Mount Hapunang Banoi.


Mount Pamininan

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Mount Hapunang Banoi

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Mount Binacayan

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The tree mountain can be climb in in one day depends on the capacity of the mountaineers.

It involves climbing over around, underneath and in between rocks. All these three mountains gives a sight to behold nature around.


The common sight on top of the three mountains is the spectacular  Wawa Gorge.


Another interesting adventures in the area is spelunking, there are  caves around the area, like Pamintinan Caves and Bat Caves, that worth to explore, where natural forms created by stalagmites and stalactites remain alive.

The Pamintinan Cave is contributory to the Philippines history, where Gat Andress Bonifacio together with the eight Katipuneros made their pilgrimage and covenant for freedom  the “First Cry of Independence”  happened during the Holy Week of April year 1895, a year before the outbreak of the Philippines Revolution, the first revolution in Asia. The Pamintinan cave bears the inscription of Gat Andres Bonifacio and followers: “Viva La Independencia   Filipinas”


The different geological rock formation of varying sizes and shapes such as cliffs, ravines and huge boulders the place is one of the popular destination of rock climbers.



The historical significance and being rich in biodiversity the whole place is an ideal for group recreation, educational and tour/field trip, sightseeing as well as photography.


Rules and Regulations:

  • Visiting time from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Pamintinan Cave from 9:00am to 4:00 pm
  • Strictly NO OVERNIGHT STAY in Mount Pamintinan, Mount Binacayan and Mount Hapunang Banoy
  • Strictly NO Hunting, Cutting, Destroying, and collection of Flora and Fauna species
  • Minimize noise, keep in mind that its wildlife has its own activity and not to be disturbed
  • LEAVE NO TRACE Anything brought up should be brought down
  • Do not vandalize
  • Strictly NO drinking of alcohol beverages inside the protected areas
  • No littering and NO Smoking
  • Twelve years old (12) below are not allowed to climb/hike Mount Pamintinan, Mount Binacayan and Mount Hapunang Banoi.
  • Maximum of three (3) mountains hiking only per  day. (NOTE:Provide request letter stating the trilogy hike)
  • Visitors/Mountaineers/Hikers should filled-up all pertinent documents before leaving the registration area. (Registration waiver (per group) and health questionnaire Form signed individually. (NO REGISTRATION NO HIKE).


  • Entrance Fee……………….Php. 20.00
  • Trekking Fee……………….Php. 50.00/person
  • Caving Fee………………….Php. 20.00/person
  • Tour Guide Fee……………Php. 500./group of 5 person

Parking Entrance Fee: 

  • Motorcycle ………………….Php. 15.00/day
  • Cars/Jeep……………………Php. 30.00/day
  • Bus……………………………..Php. 150.00/day

Cottages Rental

Ordinary Cottage…………………Php. 200.00/day (cap.of 10 persons)

Floating Cottage………………….Php. 350/day

How to get there:

From Cubao ( Jollibee-Farmers Plaza) take Fx/Van bound to Rodrigues (Montalban) hop in eastwood Montalban then ride a jeepney for Php.7.00 or Tricycle Php.20.00 per person bound to Wawa Dam.



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